The Caribbean is one of the most alluring vacation destinations in the world, thus it is a popular tourist destination. In spite of the fact that it might appear that each Caribbean island is similarly attractive and consummate, there are actually noteworthy contrasts among them. Let’s take a look at some of the best Caribbean islands you should visit:

1. Arenal

Costa Rica

What Is It?

The fourth-most active volcano in the world settled between the incredible beauty of Costa Rica.

The Arenal Volcano

The volcano is located in the northern focal territory of Costa Rica, situated by the benevolent town of La Fortuna. Arenal Volcano is currently positioned as the world’s fourth-most active volcano in the world and it is surrounded by stunningly beautiful rainforest that will leave you enchanted. Situated alongside the extensive, beset a man-made Lake Arenal, this experience is a highlight of any outing to Costa Rica.


Lake Arenal,caribbean
Lake Arenal

Touring on the twisting streets with verdant slopes and farmlands, the landscape of flora and fauna are enamoring. Numerous guests come here for the world-class windsurfing or to catch the bounteous machaca and rainbow bass. The highlight is to watch a live volcano of gushing lava erupt before you.

2. Havana


Havana, Cuba, city,caribbean
Havana, Cuba

There is no place on the planet like the otherworldly Caribbean island of Cuba or its capital, Havana. Havana is brimming with character and pressed with intriguing exhibition halls, history and shorelines. Cuba is rich in culture, music, sustenance and craftsmanship. There is nothing superior to sitting in a bistro with a mojito close by, viewing local people approach their day, as the beat of a Cuban samba glides through the air. If you are lucky, the locals, will welcome you into their home.

Did You Know?

Havana’s Official nickname is Ciudad de las Columnas or  “City of Columns”

What Is There To See?

Spanish colonial architecture and stunning beaches.

3. Anegada

British Virgin Islands

Anegada, Beach, British Virgin Island
Anegada Beach

The main coral island in the Virgin Islands’ volcanic chain, Anegada is portrayed by its striking coral reefs. Segregated sandy shorelines and clear springs rising from coral beds.

An assortment of untamed life uncommon to the Virgin Islands zone blossom with Anegada, including fluffy ocean lavender and wild orchids. On the nature trail at Bones Bight, get a look at the uncommon iguanas on the island, or find the outlandish feathered creatures at Nutmeg Point.

Snorkelers and scuba jumpers will take pleasure in the reef’s labyrinths, where stingrays, parrot angle and other marine life are present. Those with ocean legs will appreciate water sports. Beach goers will discover no absence of tranquility and calm shores.