Travel Destinations That Are Suitable For The Elderly

For any individual who adores exploring the world, the desire to travel around the world does not vanish in view of age. Be that as it may, the more older we get, the more troublesome travelling can become. In spite of the fact that we’ve all heard the expression “the journey is more important than the destination,” this does not really seem to be accurate for senior explorers, which taking care of themselves is the utmost importance while choosing holiday locations. Here is a rundown of some places that are senior-friendly:

1. Arizona

scottsdale desert,travel

Scottsdale is a famous desert resort group that has been planned on account of seniors. The dry, warm atmosphere is also home to mountains and rivers, which appeals to more older grown-ups who enjoys the outdoors. The precinct is easily accessible for seniors with mobility limitations. Furthermore, the vicinity also offers a golf course, shopping and numerous dining choices. There is also an estate vineyard and winery built up since the year 2008. It is situated in the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona, roughly 3.5 hours from Scottsdale, called the “LDV Winery”. The Wine Gallery is the place for wine sampling and to buy these unique wines, so if you are a wine-lover don’t hesitate to check them out!


Sedona, Arizona,travel

Sedona is situated in the heart of the wonderland, with multi-toned red rocks that changes its shades minute-by-minute as the light changes and climate fluctuates, the landscape is difficult to beat and the gentle atmosphere makes outdoor exercises even more enjoyable too. At Sedona, there are fun activities that seniors can participate in such as jeep tours, hiking and bird watching. Around the local town, you’ll find world-class spas, stunning resorts, a dynamic art scene and a New Age vibe – with a wide range of shops and services offering various cures for whatever may ail you. Sedona’s landscape is simply breathtaking, you would not want to skip this destination!

2. California

Palm Springs, California,travel


Palm Springs and the encompassing area is a popular travel location for senior explorers, who go for the delightful climate and landscape, and in addition the area’s well known luxury resorts, golf, shopping and dining. With more than 100 immaculate golf courses, Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley are a golfer’s paradise. Some of the most outstanding golf courses can be found at Mission Hills Country Club and Desert Willow Golf Resort.


Palm springs, Indian Canyon Trails

From deserts to waterfalls and natural oasis, Palm Springs offers beauty of mother nature in many structures. Experience the desert yourself by participating in the various hiking trails available. Some of the most sought after hikes includes, the Indian Canyon trails and the Coachella Valley Preserve, a 17,000-section of land site with trails that entwine through the San Andreas Fault. If you are not the type of person who enjoys walking, feel free to check out the available tour companies! Some tour agencies such as Desert Adventures offers off-road ventures into the San Andreas Fault, Indian Canyons and Joshua Tree National Park.

Check out the video below for more information about Desert Jeep Tour!

3. Missouri

Branson, Missouri


If you are someone who appreciates countryside music and enjoys watching live theater, Branson is the place you have to visit. There are also various museums available at Missouri, such as the Titanic Museum and Hollywood Wax Museum. Venture on board a nitty gritty replication of the Titanic at the Titanic Museum Branson in Missouri. The Titanic Museum Branson presents more than four hundred antique monuments that was with the ship and its travelers. You can likewise touch a genuine chunk of ice, stand on the sloping decks that recreates the Titanic’s last moments.


Hollywood Wax Museum


While you are there, do not miss out one of the popular and most photographed points of interest in Branson. Get up close and personal with celebrities for photo opportunities with fun props at the Hollywood Wax Museum!


4. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is one of Canada’s most prominent travel destination, attracting at least 9 million visitors each year. Despite the fact that parts of the city are very bumpy, seniors with restricted mobility can get to wheelchair-available stations all through the city, as most of them offer lifts. Some of the city’s famous vacation spots are wheelchair-friendly, such as the Botanical Gardens and the Fine Arts historical center.

Montreal Botanical Garden


The Botanical Gardens is home to more than 22,000 types of flora and fauna. Take a stroll around the serene bonsai trees in the Japanese Zen plant or find out about the ethic of yin and yang in the Chinese Garden. Outdoor gardens encompass a multicolored rose garden and a staggering alpine garden. If you are bringing your kids along, don’t miss out on the notable toxic plant nursery.



Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Montreal’s most prestigious exhibition hall, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has been establishing its accumulation of expressive arts for over a century. Please your eyes with the great combination of international artworks. Some of which includes pieces by famous artists such as El Greco and Picasso. Other fascinating collections from the museum include the eighteenth century English porcelain and relics from World War I. Many guests commented that the exhibitions are remarkable and worth the admission cost, and exceedingly recommend spending a couple of hours here.


Montreal Food


Also, are you a foodie? If you are, great news! Montreal is a foodie city, you can indulge yourself in the variety of delicious delicacies they have in town. Montrealers also enjoy drinking beers at night, not just ordinary beer but great, craft beer. If you’d like, there’s even a Montreal craft beer guided tour! With incredible eateries and plenty of accommodation options to choose from, Montreal is an extraordinary destination for seniors.


5. Europe


Europe is an incredible location to explore because it has the amenities that seniors require, as well as accessible transportation alternatives that not only reach downtown areas, but also to the countryside. Hence, travelling from one end to another in the European country is exceptionally easy and convenient for seniors.

It’s better to stick to European countries where English is the basic language. In case anything turns out badly, the language barrier will not cause additional trouble. Countries such as England, Scotland and Ireland are popular options. These U.K. destinations all have open transportation and astounding historic points to explore. In addition, every one of these countries have coast lines, so that seniors can appreciate both city charms and enjoy a coastal trip too.

Greece Island


For seniors who are searching for more fun experience, attempt one of the Greek islands. Greece has a trustworthy taxi system and it is simple to get around. However, be aware that English is not their common language, so language barrier could become a problem for senior explorers.

Rome Italy


While numerous historic buildings in Europe aren’t easily accessible, Rome in Italy is a special case. Majority of the attractions, accommodation and restaurants are wheelchair-friendly and the sidewalks around the city are equipped with wheelchair slopes.

6. London

London Big Ben


For individuals who wishes to design their own itinerary, London is one of those places that is easy and safe to travel around on your own. London’s open transportation system is ideally one of the world’s finest. You can conveniently explore the city by the Tube, the name of the London’s Metro. The accommodations in London are also exceptionally outstanding, so seniors who decides to travel here do not have to worry much about hotels.



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