Must Try These Local Food If You Are Singaporean

So you ran out of ideas of where to eat and stumbled across this website hoping to get some inspiration of where to eat with your boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, or maybe even alone. Well fret not, here is a list of amazing and affordable local foods that you have to try in Singapore. It is a shame to call yourself a Singaporean if you have not try at least 50% of the food listed down below. Let’s get ready to feast those eyes and belly with these sumptuous dishes!

  1. Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh, 肉骨茶, is a type of Chinese soup that is commonly found on the streets of Singapore and Malaysia. It is one of the most popular favorite food for many locals. It takes many hours of simmering  pork ribs in a broth of pepper and garlic along with other herbs and spices.

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh



Song Fa Bak Kut Teh has come a long way from its days of being sold from a humble pushcart stall. Despite having expanded to 7 outlets today in Singapore, Song Fa continues to preserve the Bak Kut Teh experience as authentic as possible.

Besides their delightful delicacies, they recreate the 1950s ambience with life-size replicas of original pushcarts and vintage coffee-shop furniture.

What attracted me about this place was its exquisite interior design and vintage vibes. This is definitely one of the places you would not want to miss out on!

Price: $15/pax

2. Claypot Chicken

I personally don’t fancy claypot rice very much because i do not really like the taste of the burnt rice and dry meat. But the first time i tried Lau Wang claypot chicken, i was madly in love with it as there is no taste and smell of burnt rice or dry meat. So if you are like me, you will definitely love it here as much as i do!
Lau wang claypot chicken


The Sesame Oil Chicken ($6.50, $8.50 for larger portion) was the highly recommended dish from the stall. The claypot chicken is served piping hot with the gooey sauce bubbling as it arrives on the table.

I always like to drizzle the sauce on top of the rice to soak in the flavor and it’s not very salty, which is a plus point. The chicken thigh meat is tender and succulent, and the best part is there are no bones!

Overall, the meat portion was very generous and i think it is worth price. This place was also featured on Food King “Claypot Cravings” episode. Thus, it is definitely a recommended place to visit.

Price: $10/pax

Address: 263 Serangoon Central Drive, #01-43, 550263

3. Dim Sum

Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on small plates.



One of Singapore’s oldest and most successful road side dim sum place, Swee Choononly opens at night, which makes it a popular spot for young, midnight supper goers.



Address: 191 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208882

Although their prices have increased due to high popularity, it is still considered affordable and reasonable. My personal favorites are the “Spicy La Mian“, “Liu Sha Bao“, “Fried Prawn Dumplings“, “Carrot cake” and many more!

Price: $20/pax

4. Laksa



Laksa is a dish merged from Chinese and Malay also known as Peranakan culture.

363 Katong Laksa has an efficient ordering system with 4 iPads placed right in front of their stalls, so you no longer have to worry about waiters getting your orders wrong during peak hours.

328 katong laksa-11015009


At $4, the serving portion was reasonable. Their gravy is a lot richer and thicker than other laksas. Rather than tasting strongly of coconut milk, 363 Katong Laksa’s gravy emphasized more on the shrimp paste flavor. Therefore, it was more savory and scrumptious. The prawns also tasted very fresh and juicy. They also sell Nasi Lemak($4.20) which receives equally good reviews as well!

Address: 29 Lorong Liput #01-02 Singapore 277740

Price: $6/pax

5. Hokkien Prawn Mee

The Singapore Hokkien Mee fries a combination of egg noodles and rice noodles in a rich prawn stock with cubes of fried pork fat, prawns, fish cake and squid.

Related image


What makes this delicious hokkien mee stand out was that it was well fried, it uses fresh prawns, the soft pork belly was not too oily and the egg was firm. Not forgetting, the squid rings are crunchy and fresh.

Price: $4/pax

Address: 556 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218175


6. Chicken Rice

Chicken rice is by far one of Singapore’s most well-known and celebrated dish. No coffee shop in Singapore is complete without a chicken rice stall.

boon tong kee chicken rice



The main branch at Balestier serves the full course of Chinese cuisine.  They have pages of different types of fish, pork and duck dishes as well as a plethora of vegetable and bean curd dishes. This seems more like a proper Chinese restaurant with good chicken rice rather than a specialist chicken rice stall.

Boon Tong Kee offers some of the best Chinese cuisines in Singapore, serving a tantalizing collection of dishes that are suitable for group gatherings and casual dining. It presents a variety of dishes, so there is something for everyone on the menu.

boon tong kee beancurd food



My personal favorite dish would be the fried bean curd. It is crispy on the outside but extremely soft and tender inside. Be sure to give it a try!

Here’s an advice: If you go to their main branch which is at Balestier, do make reservations before you head down. Because if you show up without a reservation on a weekend night, you can expect to wait up to 20 minutes.

Price: $18/pax (if you order up to 3 dishes and shared among 4)

Address: 399, 401 & 403 Balestier Road, 329801


7. Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak is a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. The great thing about nasi lemak is that you can add anything to it or change the components here and there and it will still taste awesome.

Nasi Lemak Set A ($3.50 nett)


Mizzy’s Corner (Changi Village Hawker Centre)

You can top up extra 50 cents for their fried kentang (potato). The rice was quite fragrant and fluffy and I loved the subtle coconut fragrance in the rice, it’s perfect combination with the sweet belachan chilli sauce. Of course, not forgetting, the chicken was freshly fried and super crispy! I personally do not like to eat nasi lemak if their chicken wing is cold and soggy, so Mizzy’s Nasi Lemak was not a disappointment.

Price: $3.50/pax

Address: 2 Changi Village Road
#01-26 Changi Village Hawker Centre
Singapore 500002