Top 5 Cheap Places to Visit for Budget Travelers

Are you looking for cheap places to visit for your next holiday? Well, you have come to the right place! In this article, we have shortlisted five travel destinations that will not cost you a hole in your wallet but still provides you lots of fun experience!

1. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland city, New zealand, cheap


You must be wondering what? Is it even possible for New Zealand to be a budget friendly travel destination? Well, yes surprisingly it can be.  If you are making a trip to Auckland, New Zealand then the main thing that you may discover costly will be the flight, particularly in the event that you are flying from the United States. Be that as it may, the food and accommodations are actually quite affordable here.

The average cost per person is estimated to be around SGD$62 (per day)



2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Villa, resort, cheap

If you’re interested in an extrinsic long-haul trip, Bali offers a ton of high quality experiences at affordable and reasonable prices. Traveling to Bali can actually turn out to be a lot cheaper than what you expect. It is not impossible to travel to Bali on a budget because you can scrimp and save by purchasing cheaper air tickets through budget airlines such as Jetstar, Tiger Airways and Expedia. Besides, there are also plenty of options for cheap accommodations listed on AirBnb. You can simply stay in a private luxurious resort or villa with a private pool from around $150 per night.

The average cost per person is estimated to be around SGD$58 (per day)


3. Mazatlan, Mexico (Cheap!)

Mazatlan Mexico

In case that you’ve pondered about going to Mexico, right now is an ideal opportunity! In 2015, you could get only 16 pesos to a dollar. However, currently it has increased to 22 pesos. Accommodations range as meager as $7 a night in many spots. Also, apparently every road corner has a little truck offering delightful tacos, tamales or tortas at a very cheap price! Mazatlan is a food haven, overflowing with wonderful restaurants and crisp, intriguing dishes. Lodgings which includes all-inclusive properties are exceptionally inexpensive and of top notch quality. El Cid Marina has wonderful pools that are ideal for families, excellent delicacies and big rooms. Rates begin as low as $100 for a group of four.

The average cost per person is estimated to be around SGD$26 (per day)

4. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Vietnam

Ostentatious facilities at reasonable prices, amazingly cuisines and astounding scenery make Vietnam an exceptional budget-friendly South Asian destination. Eat your heart out along the Hanoi street foods, kayak in the sparkling emerald waters of Halong Bay or unwind in the notorious Hoi An and the close-by shorelines. You can book a room for under $70 a night.

While you are there, be sure to experience the the Hanoi street food tour! From just $20 per individual, a guide will bring you around the backstreets and introduce you to a variety of local delicacies. Also, make sure to set aside the opportunity to taste a bowl of steaming “pho” noodle soup at the small eateries and push carts where street food and a bottle of beer cost the same price as a caramel macchiato at Starbucks. The best time to visit Vietnam is during the late December so that you can avoid the wet weather.

The average cost per person is estimated to be around SGD$53(per day)

 5. South Africa

South Africa


South Africa may not be the least expensive travel destination, but it will give you a phenomenal cost-saving incentive in 2017. As compared to the year 2012, you can get twofold the amount of South African rand in the year 2017.

Daily costs like food and accommodation are shockingly inexpensive. Instead, you will most probably wind up spending on exciting activities, such as safaris, canopy tours, shark diving, caving and even ostrich riding. Yes, ostrich riding is a thing in South Africa!

The average cost per person is estimated to be around SGD$56(per day)


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